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Love pets and good with words? Come write for us at PetVet’s PetFood blog. We’re always on the look-out for fresh, interesting articles. Right here, tie in your unique views with commands of expert advice to help pet parents make smart food choices. Remember, feeding a pet right starts with understanding nutrition. ‘Write for us’, that’s our call to you. Help shape the pets’ diet story with millions of enthusiastic pet owners like a chat with good friends.


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What We Lions of PetNutrition Expect

Whether it’s your fur buddy or a whole roster of pets, everyone is welcome to our site for advice. All we ask is, when you write, just keep it friendly like you’d chat with your usual pet parent pals.

Keep the jargon out and the creativity bubbling! Present veterans or prospective topics in a new light. Sweep your self-explored pet facts and matters off the dust. We welcome them all.

Steer clear of sparking distaste and provide unbiased objectives rather than imposing unsolicited views. A discussion about balanced daily nutrition would rate higher with our readers than hardline discourses on abrasive techniques, for instance.


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Guidelines of the Pride

Article length must range between 650-2000 meticulously chosen words. Furnishing personal bio snippets and an engaging headshot is encouraged.

Remember, the originality of the work is paramount. Your much-valued input will be published here exclusively.

Adhering to our core purpose to serve authentic and uncompromised material, times might arise when your content may be edited for clarity, tone, and style. Just as necessities dictate. Rest assured, your ideas remain yours. It retains power and gets amplified!

It’s time to untether your writing genius and unlock a world of pets with us. Join the PetVet PetFood family, making pet health a priority, one article at a time.

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